Restaurant gives family a discount for 'well behaved kids'

One family's three children were so well behaved at a restaurant in Washington state that a staff member gave them a special reward.

A Washington state family got a nice surprise when they got their check at a local restaurant last week — a discount for having "well behaved kids."

An image of the family's check was posted on Reddit, the Huffington Post reported, setting off a flurry of comments on the social network on children and proper behavior in public.

The Post wondered what exactly had gone down, or rather, had not gone down, to get the staff not only to think the kids had behaved well, but so well they gave the family a discount.

The mother of the family in question took to Reddit to answer.

"This was me and my family. I didn't know this picture had been posted until today, so I'm here to fill you all in," lauraink wrote.

She had been dining with her husband and three children, ages 2, 3 and 8, at a small restaurant in Poulsbo, Wash., enjoying "a fabulous dinner sans crayons, iPod and other toys," she explained.

"We appreciate conversing with one another over dinner and always use our dinners out to catch up and do just that. I worked in the restaurant industry prior to having kids and so have high expectations of my children when we are out to eat. We never arrive starving and always tip well. I encourage all parents to take their kids out to eat so they know how to do so," lauraink wrote.

From MSN NOW: Restaurant decides family's well-behaved kids are worth a discount

She said the family had not expected to be rewarded for the kids' good behavior, even after the server told them that the staff hadn't even noticed there were children there. On top of the discount, the restaurant gave the family a bowl of ice cream.

The post sparked a flurry of Redditors to debate the merits of offering families perks for kids who behave.

For some, having well-behaved kids was a given. Commenter counterspell wrote, "I would never in a million years expect to get comped for my kids behaving properly in a restaurant. I do appreciate when … anyone who works with the public let [sic] me know that my small humans are well behaved. That makes me feel like I'm doing my job right as a parent. I don't need to be paid for it."

Others, like commenter whatthetuckkk, agreed, writing, "You shouldn't get rewarded for teaching your kids how to behave in public. That SHOULD be an expectation."

PrincessLolita offered a counter proposal. "People with children who act poorly should get $5 added to their bill for forcing all the diners around them have a s****y experience."

Reddit also found the source of the well-behaved child discount: the mother of commenter Flyzh.

"My mother was actually the server who applied the discount. She says that she appreciated the exceptional behavior that the children had. It was a random act of kindness because of their behavior," Flyzh wrote.


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