Report: Father hires gamers to 'kill' son in online games

Many parents worry about their children's gaming habits and addictions these days. One father in China took it to the next level when he hired online gamers to 'kill' his son's avatars, according to local reports.

A Chinese father, tired of his son playing video games instead of looking for a job, decided to hire some assassins. Their job: to kill his son's characters in his favorite online role-playing games, local reports said.

According to Kotaku East, the man referred to as Mr. Feng had been concerned about his son, Xiao Feng, 23, since he started playing online games in high school. The post said the son's grades suffered in school, and that his father now attributed the difficulty of landing a job to gaming, too.

"I think that this way, he will probably lose interest in the game, thus turning his attention to find work," Xiao Feng's father said in an original interview with Chinese newspaper, Sanqin Daily. He assured the death of his son’s gaming personalities by looking to players that were at a higher level than his son.

In rebellious fashion, despite being killed every time he logged on, Kotaku reported that Xiao Feng remained adamant about waiting for the right job to come along, "not just any job."

In an interview with the BBC, Professor Mark Griffiths, a gambling and addictions expert at Nottingham Trent University, said about the father’s handling of the situation, "It's not going to do much for family relations, but I don't think these top-down approaches work. Most excessive game playing is usually a symptom of an underlying problem.”

The BBC also reported that father and son are said to have reconciled. Whether Xiao Feng found a job is uncertain.


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