Redskins fans 'Hogettes' retiring

"After 30 seasons, the Hogettes are hanging up our pig snouts and dresses," the group of Washington Redskins fans wrote on their Facebook page Friday. The group was known for their elaborate game costumes and their charity work as well.

WASHINGTON The Hogettes will oink no more.

What makes sports great? Super fans, of course.

The group of male fans who have cheered on the Washington Redskins for three decades while wearing dresses, floppy hats and pig snouts announced Friday that the group is retiring.

The Hogettes said on their website that it's a ''new era.'' They say they'll still be Redskins fans and will be continue to help raise money for children's charities — although in more ''incognito'' fashion.

Hogettes founder Michael Torbert told The Washington Post that 30 seasons is ''enough of guys in pig snouts and dresses.''

The Hogettes began in 1983, when they started putting on dresses to entertain patients at children's hospitals. They also became fixtures at Redskins games, getting their name from the team's legendary ''Hogs'' offensive line.


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