Reality TV gone bad: Fake show or real?

By Eli Epstein of MSN News
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'The Dillionaire'

PBS has plastered the New York City subways with some fake reality TV ads. But can you tell which of these following shows are real and which ones are fake? See the last slide for the answers. See gallery

Dilled food is in these days. American eaters aren't the only ones reaping the yummy benefits, though. Meet The Dillionaire, the man behind your favorite dilled foods.

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'American Hoggers'

The Campbell family has no love for the feral hogs of Texas. Watch as they wrangle in the wild beasts and save the state's livestock and agriculture.

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'Gypsy Sisters'

Watch as four Gypsy sisters battle love, pregnancy and the outside world in Virginia.

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'Bayou Eskimos'

Forget "Duck Dynasty" or "Swamp Wars." "Bayou Eskimos" brings native Indian cultures to the swamps of Louisiana where Inuit people do battle with local Cajuns to control America's swamplands.

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'Amish Mafia'

In Amish country, fear and intimidation are sometimes used to maintain order, respect and tradition. The series follows "Lebanon Levi," the purported godfather of Lancaster County, Penn.

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Looking good walking down the aisle is important. Those photos are passed down for generations and you don't want your grandniece staring at a big schnoz.

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'Bad Bad Bag Boys'

Do you know who's really wrapping up your heirloom tomatoes and artisanal crackers? The dudes behind the cashiers mean business.

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'Lizard Lick Towing'

Scofflaws beware: the Lizard Lick Towing crew is out for blood, and to protect the laws of America's streets and parking lots. You don't want to wind up on the wrong side of their lot.

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'Knitting Wars'

Storage Wars was one thing, but how serious will Americans get when it comes to their beloved home-spun fabrics? Knitting Wars documents those Americans who never back down from a crocheted challenge.

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'Married to a Mime'

Can you pantomime your way through a relationship? Follow one mother and her two young sons as they build a relationship with their silent father, who's a mime.

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Which shows are real?


"American Hoggers": A&E (Photo credit: A& screengrab)

"Gypsy Sisters": TLC (Photo credit: screengrab)

"Amish Mafia": Discovery Channel (Photo credit: screengrab)

"Bridalplasty": E! (Photo credit:

"Lizard Lick Towing": truTV (Photo credit:


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"The Dillionaire"

"Bayou Eskimos"

"Bad Bad Bagboys"

"Knitting Wars"

"Married to a Mime"