PSY apologizes for anti-American performances

Pop sensation PSY had brutally blasted the U.S. military during protests in 2002 and 2004.

South Korean pop megastar PSY issued an apology Friday after reports in the South Korean media brought it to the world's attention that he has a history of vitriolic anti-American activism.

PSY, whose real name is Park Jae-Sang, started a record-breaking global dance craze with his hit "Gangnam Style" and has been hosted in the United States by everyone from "The Today Show" to Madonna.

According to the media reports, PSY took part in protests against the U.S. military in 2002 and again in 2004. During the first protest, in response to the acquittal of American soldiers whose military vehicle killed two 13-year-old Korean girls, PSY smashed a model of a U.S. military tank on stage, the reports said.

But it’s the news of the second performance, in 2004, that may make Americans reconsider their adoration of the K-pop star. A Korean Christian missionary had been beheaded by Islamic extremists in Iraq, and anger in South Korea soon turned to the United States and its presence in Iraq. That’s when PSY reportedly covered a song by the South Korean metal band N.E.X.T. that contained the following (translated) lyrics:

Kill those (expletive)Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives
Kill those (expletive)Yankees who ordered them to torture
Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers
Kill them all slowly and painfully

In his statement, which was posted on Gawker, PSY said: “I have been honored to perform in front of American soldiers in recent months — including an appearance on the Jay Leno show specifically for them — I hope they and all Americans can accept my apology. While it's important that we express our opinions, I deeply regret the inflammatory and inappropriate language I used to do so."

PSY is scheduled to perform on Sunday for President Obama at a Christmas concert in Washington. A petition was filed calling for PSY to be taken off the bill, but the petition was soon rescinded for term violations, according to the White House website.

A White House spokesman said Friday that the Obama family will attend the concert, as is custom.


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