'Mohawk Guy' to participate in Inaugural Parade

Famous for the mohawk he sported during the Curiosity Mars landing, Bobak Ferdowsi will participate in the presidential inaugural parade this weekend.

Bobak Ferdowsi, aka NASA’s  "Mohawk Guy," will participate in the presidential inaugural parade this weekend, even though he won’t be bringing his trademark hairstyle with him.

Ferdowsi, along with several other NASA scientists, will walk the parade next to a full-scale model of the Curiosity rover they helped land on Mars in August 2012. NASA's other float will be a full-scale replica of the Orion capsule.

During NASA's live broadcast of Curiosity's Mars landing, Ferdowsi became an Internet sensation after camera views from inside JPL's Mission Control room showed him with his mohawk, which included blue and red highlights and white stars bleached onto the sides of his head. His appearance earned him the nickname "Mohawk Guy" via tweets and photo tributes.

"You guys are a little cooler than you used to be," President Obama told NASA scientists after the landing.

Ironically, Ferdowsi said he won't be sporting his famous mohawk for the parade.

"It’ll be something fun," he said to the presidential inaugural committee.


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