Matt Damon goes on a toilet strike

A three-minute YouTube video featuring Matt Damon vowing a strike against going to the bathroom was made to draw attention to a world water crisis.

Matt Damon announced Tuesday in a mock YouTube news conference that he was going on a toilet strike.

Although delivered with a touch of humor, the three-minute video was made to support a serious cause – raising awareness for the clean water crisis.

The Oscar-winning actor and philanthropist is striking in order to support, a non-profit which provides aid to developing nations that don't have access to safe drinking water and sanitation.

Damon, who co-founded, said that 780 million people worldwide lack access to clean water every day and 2.5 billion are without a toilet or basic sanitation.

"More people have cellphones than toilets," Damon said.

"In protest of this global tragedy and until this issue is resolved, until everybody has access to clean water and sanitation, I will not go to the bathroom," he announced in the video.

Damon also urged everyone to support the strike by signing up to make their voices heard online through Water Day on March 22: "Say no to toilets, say yes to clean water and sanitation for all."

So why did Damon decide to take up the fight for clean water and sanitation?

"I was kind of traveling around and looking at some of the issues of extreme poverty – water was just so huge that it underpinned everything," Damon said.

The YouTube video is part of a viral campaign intended to draw donations to the global water crisis through

The campaign claims that a person can get clean water for life for just $25.

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