Man to cross Antarctica with 'boob sled', supporting breast cancer

Australian Geoff Wilson wants to raise $1 million to fight breast cancer while breaking a world record.

Geoff Wilson is setting out to cross the Antarctica in record time in a boob sled.

The Australian veterinarian hopes to cross Antarctica in under 64 days and is bringing along giant fiberglass breasts, The Courier Mail in Australia reported. Sixty-four days is the record previously set for crossing Antarctica.

Wilson isn't merely attempting to cross Antarctica and break a world record he aims to raise $1 million for the McGrath Foundation to fight breast cancer while he does it.

The Mail reported that Wilson, an avid adventurer, also cares deeply about breast cancer, a disease his friend Kate Carlile is battling for the second time.

He told the Mail that Carlile is his inspiration for the journey. "She is halfway through her expedition and I'm just about to start," he said. "Her bravery will carry me through."

That's not to say the trip will be easy. It will be anything but.

Wilson will only have 80 days of supplies, which he will be dragging along in the sled, topped by the fiberglass breasts, as he crosses Antarctica on foot. The Mail reported that he'll be relying on radio contact with Russian and American research stations should anything go wrong. And he'll be up against gale-force winds and extreme temperatures during the roughly 1,700-mile trek.

The Mail reported he will start in November. Wilson has detailed his route and provided more information about the McGrath Foundation and his cause on his website.

Wilson is no stranger to daring adventures. In 2011, he traveled across the Simpson Desert in central Australia using a wind-powered buggy, reported.

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