Man steals big bass from aquarium to win fishing competition

Authorities say Matthew Clark's winning "catch" in a bass club contest was actually a big fish he had stolen from an aquarium.

Apparently not everyone fell hook, line, and sinker for Matthew Andrew Clark’s big fish story.

The 29-year-old Cornwall, England, man has been sentenced to 100 hours of community work and put on probation for stealing a big fish from an aquarium and using it to win first prize in a fishing competition, according to U.K. media reports.

Clark entered the 13.3-pound fish in the Bailiwick Bass Club open competition, pretending he had caught the creature at sea. He took home first prize of nearly $1,300, according to The Guardian.

But the scales of justice tipped against Clark when a fellow contestant recognized the big bass as one he had recently seen at the Guernsey Aquarium at St. Peter Port, according to The Guardian.

Police were notified, and Clark eventually admitted in court to burglary and fraud, the Guardian reported.

According to court statements, Clark had previously worked at the Guernsey Aquarium, Channel 4 reported.  He had planned to use the prize money to pay back a debt he owed the aquarium owner, according to Channel 4.


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