Jeep Twitter hacked one day after Burger King hack

Jeep's Twitter account was hacked Tuesday and replaced with a Cadillac emblem and a message that said the company had been sold to General Motor's luxury division.

Barely a day after Burger King's Twitter account was hacked and replaced with a McDonald's logo, Jeep's Twitter account was hacked Tuesday and replaced with a Cadillac emblem.

Although Jeep was able to  remove the Cadillac logo, the account remained hacked as of 11:30 a.m. PST.

Jeep: Twitter hacked, IMAGETwitter: Image

Jeep's Twitter account also had a message saying the brand had been sold to General Motors Company's Cadillac division.

Some of the tweets, as with the Burger King hacking, were obscene. One of the tweets said rapper 50 Cent would never ride in a Jeep. Other tweets accused the company of drug use.

Jeep: Twitter hacked. IMAGETwitter: @Jeep

Chrysler thanked followers for reporting the hacking.

"Thanks for all the heads up on one of our brand accounts. The team is on it. It's good so many of you have our back!" the company tweeted.

"Hi Twitterverse! @Cadillac is not involved with the @Jeep hack," tweeted Cadillac spokeswoman Jordana Strosberg.

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