Former jailed student Amanda Knox talking to ABC

Amanda Knox was wrongly convicted of the murder of her British roommate in 2009. After serving four years in Italian prison, the conviction was overturned. ABC says Knox will share her story with Diane Sawyer.

NEW YORK — Amanda Knox, the college junior who spent four years in an Italian prison after being accused of murdering her British roommate, is telling her story to ABC News.

The network says the exclusive interview will air on a prime-time special on April 30. It also will be featured on other ABC News programming.

Knox, an American student, was studying in Italy when, in 2007, she became the center of a murder case that seized the world's attention. She was convicted in 2009. But after an appeal, she was acquitted and released in October 2011.

The interview is timed to the publication of Knox's book, "Waiting to Be Heard."


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