Famous March birthdays

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Famous March birthdays

March marks the start of spring and the birthdays of a media tycoon, a musical theater composer and an award-winning film director. Check out these celebrities and others who will blow out their candles this month. See gallery



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Justin Bieber

Date of birth: March 1


Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber (see pictures) has seen his songs (watch him perform) consistently hit the top of the music charts. But lately, he's been in the news more often for this reason.


Who else was born this day?

A singer and rapper whose stage name includes a $

A former child actor who became an award-winning film director

An actor who got his start on a teen sitcom

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Daniel Craig

Date of birth: March 2


Actor Daniel Craig (see pictures) is the latest in a line of actors to play the role of James Bond (who was the first?). Apart from his Bond movies, he has performed in a wide range of roles (see his filmography).


Who else was born this day?

A British rock singer who married a Hollywood actress

A Heisman Trophy winner and NFL star who once dated a reality star

A lead singer for a rock band who is known for his charitable work

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Jessica Biel

Date of birth: March 3


Jessica Biel (see pictures) got her start in a long-running television drama (what show?) before branching out into film roles (see her filmography). She married actor/singer Justin Timberlake in 2012 (where?).


Who else was born this day?

The “Boss” of cakes who stars in a reality show with his family

A celebrity chef who hosts several Food Network shows

A public radio personality and producer of his own show

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Patricia Heaton

Date of birth: March 4


Actress Patricia Heaton (see pictures) is well known for her role as a frazzled housewife on “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Currently she stars in the sitcom "The Middle."


Who else was born this day?

An activist and only child of a pop singing duo

A Latino musician who performed with his wife

An American soccer player who plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy

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Eva Mendes

Date of birth: March 5


Sexy actress Eva Mendes (see pictures) starred in the 2012 movie "The Place Beyond the Pines" with her boyfriend (who?). Also an entrepreneur, she has her own line of housewares (see her products).


Who else was born this day?

A supermodel who was critically injured in a car accident

A former NFL star who was voted off “Dancing with the Stars”

An illusionist and part of a magical duo

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Willard Scott

Date of birth: March 7


Television personality Willard Scott (see pictures) was the weatherman for “Today” until 1996, but he still makes an appearance on the show to celebrate the birthdays of people 100 years and older (watch him on the show). He was the first person to play an iconic fast-food character (what character?).


Who else was born this day?

An actress who fought a mummy and is married to James Bond

An actress famous for her “office” romance

An actor whose characters have ranged from a goofy dad to a meth manufacturer

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Connie Britton

Date of birth: March 6


Actress Connie Britton (see pictures) is well known for her role in the football drama “Friday Night Lights.” She returned to television in 2012 in a musical drama (what show?), which earned her a Golden Globe nomination.


Who else was born this day?

A former NBA superstar and current basketball analyst

An actor and director who started his career as a “meathead”

An actor and comedian who once starred on a sitcom with his ex-wife

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Lester Holt

Date of birth: March 8


Television news journalist Lester Holt (see pictures) is the weekend anchor for two NBC shows (this one and this one). He also hosts the news magazine show “Dateline NBC” (watch him on the show).


Who else was born this day?

A celebrity tattoo artist who dated a motorcycle bad boy

A two-time Super Bowl champion turned football analyst

An actor famous for his role in a television teen drama

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Matthew Gray Gubler

Date of birth: March 9


Actor Matthew Gray Gubler (see pictures) is best known for his role as Dr. Spencer Reid on the television drama “Criminal Minds.” Also a director, he has directed episodes of his show as well as a music video (this song for this band).


Who else was born this day?

A short-statured former child actor in a 1980s television sitcom

An actor who played a well-respected former president

A country music singer who had a role in “Urban Cowboy”

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Carrie Underwood

Date of birth: March 10


Country music superstar Carrie Underwood (see pictures) quickly rose to fame following her “American Idol” win. Underwood (watch her perform) released her fourth album (what album?) in 2012.


Who else was born this day?

An actor and martial artist known for his action roles

An R&B singer whose father was a sitcom star

A prince and the youngest son of a reigning queen

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Rupert Murdoch

Date of birth: March 11


Media magnate Rupert Murdoch (see pictures) is the founder of News Corporation, which owns media companies throughout the world (including this one and this one). He was involved in a scandal over phone hacking, which resulted in a closure of a British newspaper (which paper?).


Who else was born this day?

An actor and stuntman famous for his juvenile antics

Twin brothers and musicians in a punk band

A reggae singer best known for a “happy” tune

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Liza Minnelli

Date of birth: March 12


Singer and actress Liza Minnelli (see pictures) has enjoyed a long, successful career in Hollywood (see her filmography) and on Broadway. Born into a famous family, she was a child when she appeared in a film (what movie?) with her mother (who?).


Who else was born this day?

A politician who recently ran an unsuccessful campaign

A multiple Grammy winner who sang at the 2013 presidential inauguration

A baseball superstar known for his home runs as well as drug and legal problems

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William H. Macy

Date of birth: March 13


Actor William H. Macy (see pictures) stars as a dysfunctional father on "Shameless." Macy (see his filmography) and his wife (who?) were awarded stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last year.


Who else was born this day?

An actor from a sitcom based in the 1970s who also works as a DJ

A Grammy-winning hip-hop artist who has appeared in many films

An Emmy-winning actress who currently plays a medical examiner

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Billy Crystal

Date of birth: March 14


Legendary actor and comedian Billy Crystal (see pictures) began his career on a sitcom (what show?) before his successful movie career (see his filmography). He is a nine-time host of the Academy Awards show (watch him on the show).


Who else was born this day?

A British actor who played a butler to a superhero

A multiple-Grammy-winning musician, music producer and film producer

An entrepreneur who started a successful fast-food chain

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Bret Michaels

Date of birth: March 15


Rock star Bret Michaels (see pictures) is the lead singer for the glam rock band Poison (watch them perform). He won “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2010 and donated his winnings to a charity (what charity?).


Who else was born this day?

A long-haired male model famous for his paperback covers

An NFL coach who was the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl

A singer/songwriter who co-founded a famous surfer band

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Jerry Lewis

Date of birth: March 16


Comedian Jerry Lewis (see pictures) frequently teamed his slap-stick comedy with a famous singer (who?). He hosted a telethon to raise money for medical research (for what illness?) that spanned four decades.


Who else was born this day?

A rapper known for wearing a large clock as a necklace

An actor famous for his role as a 1980s motorcycle cop

An actress who plays a single mother in a television family drama

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Gary Sinise

Date of birth: March 17


Actor and director Gary Sinise (see pictures) is widely recognized for his Oscar-nominated role of Lt. Dan Taylor (from what movie?) and for his current role on “CSI: NY.” He co-founded a theater company in Chicago (what company?) where he acts and directs.


Who else was born this day?

A reality star with a famous family who was on “Dancing with the Stars”

An actor who recently reprised his role on a popular prime-time soap opera

A former Brat Pack member who now stars on a sitcom

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Adam Levine

Date of birth: March 18


Adam Levine (see pictures) is the lead singer and guitarist for the Grammy Award-winning rock band Maroon 5 (watch them perform). He has been a vocal coach on "The Voice" since its debut in 2011 (who won Season 4?).


Who else was born this day?

A singer, rapper and Oscar-nominated actress

A television personality who takes on “Dirty Jobs”

A singer and actress who gave up her Miss America title

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Andy Reid

Date of birth: March 19


Andy Reid (see pictures) is the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, following his 13-year tenure as coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Reid transformed a 2-14 Chiefs team from 2012 into one of the best teams in the AFC in 2013.


Who else was born this day?

An action hero who will “Die Hard” again this year

A versatile actress who played a stalking mistress

An NFL running back and two-time Super Bowl champion

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Holly Hunter

Date of birth: March 20


Oscar-winning (for what movie?) actress Holly Hunter (see pictures) has enjoyed a successful television and film career (see her filmography). She will appear alongside Al Pacino in the upcoming film "Manglehorn."


Who else was born this day?

A movie director who has focused on social and political issues

A former supermodel who owns her own business and designs wedding dresses

A singer-songwriter for a rock band recognized for his tattoos

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Gary Oldman

Date of birth: March 21


Talented actor Gary Oldman (see pictures) has taken on a variety of stage and film roles (see his filmography), most recently in this remake of a 1980s movie. The Oscar-nominated actor's films have grossed more than $10 billion worldwide.


Who else was born this day?

A Broadway star who once played a charming high school student

A British actor who played James Bond in two movies

A comedian, actress and talk-show host who recently adopted a baby

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Andrew Lloyd Webber

Date of birth: March 22


Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber (see pictures) has written some of the most beloved songs in musical theater. He produced Broadway’s longest-running musical (what show?).


Who else was born this day?

An actress who won an Oscar for playing a legendary country singer

An actor famous for his role as a sci-fi captain

An author best known for his psychological thrillers

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Kenneth Cole

Date of birth: March 23


Fashion designer Kenneth Cole (see pictures) has men’s and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories in his fashion lines (see his clothing). An activist of social issues, he started a foundation (what foundation?) to spotlight his causes.


Who else was born this day?

A television producer famous for his show on Wisteria Lane

A former NBA star who is currently an NBA head coach

A raunchy and rude celebrity blogger

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Peyton Manning

Date of birth: March 24


NFL quarterback Peyton Manning (see pictures) led the Denver Broncos to Super Bowl XLVIII in just his second season with the team. Manning (watch him play) signed with the Broncos after spending 14 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts before his tenure there ended due to neck surgery.


Who else was born this day?

An actor known for his role as a socially awkward genius

A fashion designer who uses a red, white and blue label

An NBA star and recent NBA champion

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Elton John

Date of birth: March 25


Singer-songwriter Elton John (see pictures) has entertained audiences with his hit songs (watch him perform) and wild costumes (see his wardrobe) for decades. He will headline this music festival in the summer.


Who else was born this day?

A legendary soul singer who demanded some “respect”

A female race car driver in the IndyCar and NASCAR Series

A former child actress who went on to star in an HBO television hit

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Steven Tyler

Date of birth: March 26


Hard rock singer Steven Tyler (see pictures) is recognized for his high-pitched screams as lead singer of Aerosmith (watch them perform). He was a judge on “American Idol” for two seasons (with what fellow celebrity judge?).


Who else was born this day?

A popular Motown singer and Oscar-nominated actress

A country music star who produced a sports film for ESPN

An actor famous for his role as a logical officer in a sci-fi series

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Quentin Tarantino

Date of birth: March 27


Film director, producer and screenwriter Quentin Tarantino (see pictures) is known for his award-winning “neo-noir” films (see his filmography). His 2012 film (what movie?) earned him a Golden Globe Award.


Who else was born this day?

A pop diva and reality show judge

A television actress who plays a lovable forensic scientist

A singer and rapper and only female member of a popular hip-hop group

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Lady Gaga

Date of birth: March 28


Singer Lady Gaga (see pictures) is known as much for her music (watch her perform) as for her outrageous look (see her costumes). She started an organization (what's it called?) to promote anti-bullying and empower young people.


Who else was born this day?

A country music singer who starred in two sitcoms

A reality star who showcased the ups and downs of her large family

An actress known for her role as a sarcastic housekeeper

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Amy Sedaris

Date of birth: March 29


Comedienne and actress Amy Sedaris (see pictures) got her start playing a middle-aged high school student on a Comedy Central television show (what show?).  She has written several books (get her books) and co-authored a number of plays with her brother (who?).


Who else was born this day?

A model and actress known for her “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit covers

A comedian and actor who co-founded a popular British comedy troupe

A lead singer for a rock band who started a touring music festival

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Piers Morgan

Date of birth: March 30


Journalist Piers Morgan (see pictures) hosts "Piers Morgan Tonight," which replaced a popular and long-running talk show (what show?). He was a former talent show judge (on what show?) and won Season 7 of “The Celebrity Apprentice” (who was runner-up?).


Who else was born this day?

A Canadian pop star who had a long-running show in Las Vegas

A rapper popular in the 1990s who wore trademark parachute pants

A British guitarist and singer who had a successful solo career as well as a member of two rock bands

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Barney Frank

Date of birth: March 31


Politician Barney Frank (see pictures) served as a U.S. congressman (from which state?) for 32 years. An advocate for LGBT rights, he was the first openly gay member of Congress.


Who else was born this day?

A former U.S. vice president and environmental activist

An actor who requested “more cowbell” on “Saturday Night Live”

A popular sitcom actress who split from her long-time husband

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