Famous January birthdays

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Famous January birthdays

Happy new year... and happy birthday! Check out these well-known names, from actors to athletes, celebrating their birthdays in January. See gallery

January marks the beginning of the New Year and the birthdays for a country music matriarch, a record-breaking quarterback, and a singing, dancing, acting machine. Check out these and other celebrities who will blow out their candles this month.

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Glen Davis

Date of birth: January 1. NBA star Glen Davis (see pictures) spent four years with the Boston Celtics. Big Baby, as he's commonly known, played for the 2008 NBA Championship with his former team (whom did they play?).

Who else was born this day?

A retired Swedish model and ex-wife of a professional golfer and an actor who played the mini version of an evil doctor.

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Karina Smirnoff

Date of birth: January 2. Ballroom dancer Karina Smirnoff (see pictures) rose to fame as a dancer on "Dancing with the Stars." She won top honors (which season?) with a soap opera star and former soldier (who?).

Who else was born this day? A scandalized televangelist who served time in federal prison and a former Calvin Klein model who is married to a writer/director/actor.

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Mel Gibson

Date of birth: January 3. Mel Gibson (see pictures) has enjoyed success as both a celebrated actor (see his filmography) and as an award-winning director (he won the Oscar for this movie).

Who else was born this day? An NFL quarterback who comes from a football family and an actress who played the beautiful dream girl next door.

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Michael Stipe

Date of birth: January 4. Singer Michael Stipe (see pictures) was the front man for the alternative rock band R.E.M. (listen to their music). He has also worked as a film producer (including this film).

Who else was born this day? A record-breaking NFL coach who had a perfect season with the Miami Dolphins and an athlete and current television actress.

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Diane Keaton

Date of birth: January 5. Veteran actress (see her filmography) Diane Keaton (see pictures) had her breakthrough role in an American classic film (what movie?).

Who else was born this day? A "shock rocker" known for his goth look and actress who shares a name with her birth month.

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Nigella Lawson

Date of birth: January 6. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson (see pictures) is the best-selling author of numerous cookbooks and has hosted several cooking television shows. Lately, she's been making headlines for a messy marital break-up and drug use.

Who else was born this day? A British comedian known for his strange facial contortions and a Trump Organization executive and adviser on "The Apprentice."

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Alfonso Soriano

Date of birth: January 7. Baseball player Alfonso Soriano (see pictures) is a two-time World Series Champion (with what team?).

Who else was born this day? A former morning show co-host whose daytime talk show is ending and a British Formula One race car driver.

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Carolina Herrara

Date of birth: January 8. Fashion designer Carolina Herrara (see pictures) began her self-named clothing line (see her clothes) in 1980. She has clothed a long list of beautiful and famous clients (including this American aristocrat).

Who else was born this day? A brilliant physicist and best-selling author and a British glam rock star married to a former supermodel.

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Sergio Garcia

Date of birth: January 9. Professional golfer Sergio Garcia (see pictures) was part of the victorious European Team in the 2012 Ryder Cup. He plays in the United States PGA Tour and the European Tour (watch him play).

Who else was born this day? An NFL player who previously changed his name to reflect his jersey number and a world-famous new mom.

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Rod Stewart

Date of birth: January 10. British singer Rod Stewart (see pictures) has been a major influence on rock music in his decades-long career. He was already inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist, but was inducted again as a member of a band (what band?) in 2012.

Who else was born this day? A champion heavyweight boxer who put his name on a grill and a spandex-clad rock singer with hits in the 1980s

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Naomi Judd

Date of birth: January 11. Singer Naomi Judd (see pictures) was part of the successful mother-daughter (who is her daughter?) country music duo the Judds (see their hits). Naomi also has another famous child (who?).

Who else was born this day? An R&B singer who has her own line of perfume and a director famous for his work on 1980s sitcoms and a successful sleeper film.

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Jeff Bezos

Date of birth: January 12. Visionary entrepreneur Jeff Bezos (see pictures) is the founder and CEO of the Internet retailer Amazon.com and the new owner of The Washington Post. An interest in space travel led him to start a spaceflight company (what company?).

Who else was born this day? A heartthrob singer with a British boy band and a controversial radio host and original "shock jock."

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Liam Hemsworth

Date of birth: January 13. Australian (where is he from?) actor Liam Hemsworth (see pictures), formerly engaged to Miley Cyrus, is reprising his role as Gale Hawthorne in parts 1 and 2 of "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay," both now filming, after this year's appearance in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire."

Who else was born this day? A former "Baywatch" babe and later reality show star.

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Holland Taylor

Date of birth: January 14. Actress Holland Taylor (see pictures) is well-known for her role as a non-maternal mother on "Two and a Half Men." She wrote, produced and starred in a one-woman play (what play?) based on the life of a Texas politician (who?).

Who else was born this day? An actress who played a tragic 1930s gangster.

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Drew Brees

Date of birth: January 15. NFL quarterback Drew Brees (see pictures) led his team to victory in Super Bowl XLIV (what team did they play?). In 2012 he broke a long-time record (who held the record?) for the most consecutive games with a touchdown pass.

Who else was born this day? An actor who found fame in the "High School Musical" movies.

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John Carpenter

Date of birth: January 16. Film director John Carpenter (see pictures) is best known for his horror and science fiction movies (see his filmography). An accomplished musician, he has written the musical scores for most of his films.

Who else was born this day? A waif-thin model who faced a drug abuse scandal and a talk show host and best-selling author of self-help books.

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Betty White

Date of birth: January 17. Betty White (see pictures) is known for her roles in a 1970s television show (what show?) and a 1980s show (what show?). She returned to sitcom acting in "Hot in Cleveland."

Who else was born this day? An actor whose distinctive voice is perhaps best known as that of a galactic villain and a legendary boxer and activist.

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Jason Segel

Date of birth: January 18. Actor Jason Segel (see pictures) got his start on a dramedy television show (what show?). Along with a successful movie career (see his filmography), he stars in the popular sitcom "How I Met Your Mother."

Who else was born this day? A lead singer for a controversial nu metal band.

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Katey Sagal

Date of birth: January 19. Actress Katey Sagal (see pictures) played the iconic role of Peg Bundy for 11 seasons on "Married… with Children." She returned to television to star in a show (what show?) created by her husband (who?).

Who else was born this day?  A celebrity chef recognized for her southern accent, use of butter and a PR meltdown.

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Melissa Rivers

Date of birth: January 20. Television personality Melissa Rivers (see pictures) first found fame as the daughter of a comedienne (who?).

Who else was born this day? A historic astronaut who walked on the moon and a comedian who hosts a political talk show.

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Placido Domingo

Date of birth: January 21. Tenor Placido Domingo (see pictures) has enjoyed a career that has spanned six decades (listen to his music). Also a conductor, he directs a prominent opera company (what company?).

Who else was born this day? A red-haired actress who once tried out for the Olympic archery team and a professional golfer who also designs golf courses.

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Guy Fieri

Date of birth: January 22. Celebrity chef and restaurateur Guy Fieri (see pictures) joined the Food Network after winning a reality cooking show (what show?).

Who else was born this day? An actress famous for her role as a demon-possessed child and an Oscar-nominated actress who was married to an Oscar-nominated actor.

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Princess Caroline of Monaco

Date of birth: January 23: Princess Caroline (see pictures) is the current heiress to the throne of Monaco (who holds the throne?). Through her marriage (who is her husband?) she also has ties to a royal family line in Germany, though officially the family's royal titles no longer exist.

Who else was born this day? An airline pilot who made a heroic emergency landing.

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Mary Lou Retton

Date of birth: January 24. Famed gymnast Mary Lou Retton (see pictures) was the first American woman to win the all-around Olympic gold medal (which Olympics?). Following that win, she also became the first woman to appear on a box of Wheaties (see the box).

Who else was born this day? A singer-songwriter who wrote a song about a Kennedy.

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Alicia Keys

Date of birth: January 25. R&B singer (listen to her music) Alicia Keys (see pictures) is a multiple Grammy winner and one of the highest-selling artists (get her albums). She has a son with her husband and fellow performer (who?)

Who else was born this day? A screenwriter and director known for his horror films.

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The Suleman octuplets

Date of birth: January 26. The Suleman octuplets (see pictures) are the longest living octuplets in the United States (who is their mother?). The controversial circumstances surrounding their birth caused the fertility doctor (who?) to undergo investigation of his practices.

Who else was born this day? A legendary hockey player known as "The Great One".

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Cris Collinsworth

Date of birth: January 27. Sportscaster Cris Collinsworth (see pictures) is a former NFL wide receiver and spent his entire football career with one team (what team?). He replaced a long-time commentator (who?) on NBC's "Sunday Night Football."

Who else was born this day? A ballet dancer who played a love interest on "Sex and the City."

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Elijah Wood

Date of birth: January 28. Actor Elijah Wood (see pictures) reprised his short-statured role of Frodo Baggins from "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy for the first installment of the prequel trilogy "The Hobbit."

Who else was born this day? An actor well known for his role as a comedic army doctor.

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Oprah Winfrey

Date of birth: January 29. American talk show host and actress Oprah Winfrey (see pictures) founded the OWN Network, Harpo Productions, and recently starred in Lee Daniels' "The Butler."

Who else was born this day? An actor with a mustache to make many men jealous.

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Paul Ryan

Date of birth: January 29. U.S. Representative Paul Ryan (see pictures) has served his district (in what state?) since 1999. He was the Republican vice presidential nominee in the 2012 election (watch his debate).

Who else was born this day? A media magnate and one of the richest women in the world.

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Phil Collins

Date of birth: January 30. Musician Phil Collins (see pictures) found success as part of the rock group Genesis (listen to their music) and as a solo artist (listen to his music). He announced his retirement from the music industry in 2011.

Who else was born this day? A former U.S. vice president who had an infamous hunting accident.

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Justin Timberlake

Date of birth: January 31. Justin Timberlake (see pictures) has enjoyed an equally successful career as a singer (listen to his music) and actor (see his filmography). He married Jessica Biel in October 2012 (see their wedding pictures).

Who else was born this day? An Oscar-nominated actress who had a short-lived singing career.