$10 billion wagered in Super Bowl bets

Only $90 million of the money spent on Super Bowl bets came from legal sports books in Nevada.

Advertisers and pizza makers weren’t the only ones trying to make a profit during the Super Bowl. Slews of bets, some more frivolous than others, attracted casual and serious gamblers to the game.

An estimated $10 billion is expected to be wagered on the Super Bowl, with less than 1 percent of that coming from legal sports books in Nevada, Gambling expert R.J. Bell of Pregame.com said. Forbes estimated that more than $90 million would be spent on legal Super Bowl bets this year.

But the game itself wasn’t the only thing being bet on.

Entire betting guides were dedicated to the halftime show alone: Would Beyoncé's hair be straight or curly? Would she wear it down or up? Would Jay-Z join in and upstage her?

Bets were also placed on what color the traditional Gatorade bath at the end of the game would be, whether Alicia Keys would mess up the national anthem and who would be the star of Animal Planet's halftime "Puppy Bowl."

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Even the silliest of bets came with a catch, according to Forbes.

Come tax time, according to Forbes, gamblers will owe taxes on both legal and illegal wagers. Forbes reported, "The law requires you to report your gambling winnings no matter what the amount – or whether it’s a legal bet."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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