Dad sells Spider-Man comic to pay for daughter's wedding

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Dad sells rare comic to help fund daughter's wedding

An Ohio father sold a 1963 issue of "The Amazing Spider-Man" to help pay for his daughter's wedding. He earned $7,000 from the sale.

CLEVELAND — A Cleveland Heights dad was getting worried about the costs of his eldest daughter's upcoming wedding. Then, Spider-Man came to the rescue!

The Plain Dealer of Cleveland reports that Richard Schaen remembered he had stored away his comic books decades ago. He dug out the box, and the first comic he saw was "Amazing Spider-Man" No. 1, published in 1963. The 69-year-old man says the 12-cent comic sold for $7,900 through an auction company, netting him about $7,000.

His copy was graded as 6.5 on a scale of 10. A mint-condition copy would have sold for much more. But he's happy, and says the sale will help cover the catering costs for daughter Jane's reception.

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