Chubby Checker sues over naughty phone app

The singer known for "The Twist" filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the makers of an app that estimates penis size based on shoe size.

Chubby Checker is in a twist over the "Chubby Checker" penis-size estimating app.

Checker, known for the hit song "The Twist," filed a half-billion dollar lawsuit through his attorneys over the app, created by Palm, Inc., a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard.

Attorney Willie Gary, law partner Robert Parenti and associate attorney Alicia M. Phidd, said in a press release that "despite numerous attempts to cease the 'app,' Hewlett Packard refused to dismantle the operation and, therefore, continues to perpetuate degrading and derogatory content directly linked to Chubby Checker."

According to an app download website, the $0.99 app estimates penis size. Chubby is sometimes used as slang for penis.

"Any of you ladies out there just start seeing someone new and wondering what the size of there(sic) member is?" the website says. "All you need to do is find out the man's shoe size and plug it in and don't worry where your(sic) from because The Chubby Checker supports shoe measurements of different regions and types."

The website goes on, "Now with The Chubby Checker there is no need for disappointment or surprise."

The lawsuit claims the app "adversely affects Chubby Checker's brand and value" and "will cause serious damage to the Plaintiff's goodwill and will tarnish his image that he has worked to maintain over the last 50 years."

The press release does not specify how much money the lawsuit is seeking, but says the app allows Hewlett Packard and Palm "to enjoy profits to which they are not entitled."

Hewlett-Packard did not respond to calls for information about the app.


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