Chicken wing shortage possible for Super Bowl Sunday, report says

Americans are expected to consume 1.23 billion chicken wings during this year's Super Bowl game, 12.3 million fewer than last year.

Americans love their Super Bowl chicken wings, according to a report by the National Chicken Council.

But a lower market supply in wings is expected to cut down the number they consume for the upcoming Super Bowl XLVII between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens by 12.3 million.

According to the report,  released Tuesday, Americans will consume roughly 1.23 billion chicken wings this Super Bowl Sunday.

As the report puts it, if 1.23 billion wing segments were laid end to end, they would stretch from San Francisco to Baltimore 27 times.

Nevertheless, that’s 1 percent less, or 12.3 million fewer, than number of wings consumed last year, but not because of a drop in demand, according to Bill Roenigk, chief economist and market analyst for the council.  

 "With the rising number of restaurants with menus dedicated to wings, the return of the NHL hockey season, the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament and then the start of grilling season, wing demand should remain hot," Roenigk said.

The cause for the possible shortage is due to the lower supply of wings, which will be the most expensive ever during Super Bowl XLVII, according to the report. 

Wings are also currently the highest priced part of the chicken at $2.11 a pound in the Northeast, the highest on record according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The price is up 26 cents, or 14 percent, from a year earlier.


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