Celebs quit Instagram over privacy kerfuffle

Celebrities have taken notice of Instagram's new privacy policies, and like the general public, they are choosing to opt out.

Pink, Mia Farrow and Taraji P. Henson are among the stars who are turning their backs on photo-sharing website Instagram after privacy conditions were changed, allowing the site to sell users' images to third parties.

The new rules for the popular phone application and social media tool — which is owned by Facebook — were posted online late on Monday. Singer Pink was among the first celebrities to take note.

In a post on her Twitter blog on Tuesday morning she wrote, "I WILL BE QUITTING INSTAGRAM TODAY. WHAT A BUMMER. YOU SHOULD ALL READ THEIR NEW RULES."

Actress Henson also sent out a warning to her followers, along with a link to an article detailing the updated conditions. She tweeted, "If this is true I will have to delete my acct. you have until January 16th to do so." [SIC]

Farrow admitted she had no problem dumping the photo-enhancement technology, writing, "A small pleasure: deleting my Instagram app."

They weren't the only celebrities taking action over the new rules — former "House" star Kal Penn tweeted, "Sorry I gotta delete you, Instagram. I liked your filters."

Rapper Xzibit revealed he was disappointed by the altered privacy conditions, "Say it aint so instagram, debo [steal] everyones pics and then turn around and sell them to 3rd parties with no shared revenue? deleting my instagram." [SIC]

However, Blink-182 rocker Mark Hoppus was undecided about continuing with the app, posing the question: "what are we going to do about our instagram accounts?"

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