Bizarre Super Bowl bets: From puppies to postgame hugs

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What color will the Gatorade bath be?

Betting on the Super Bowl is a time-honored tradition. But this year's bets include everything from the postgame pleasantries to the color of the Gatorade bath. See gallery

Where there's a Super Bowl, there's sure to be a Gatorade bath. But which color will the dousing be this year? Bets run from the traditional orange and yellow to less likely colors like green, blue and clear water, according to CBS.

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How long will the postgame hug last?

Postgame greetings are always a little tense after losing the Super Bowl, but how much more so will they be after one man snatches a Super Bowl ring from his own brother's grasp? The odds place the length of a postgame hug or handshake as a curt 7.5 seconds.

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Will Alicia Keys mess up the anthem?

Professionals shouldn't mess up things like the national anthem, especially on a stage as large as the Super Bowl, but it has happened. There are several bets running on this one. Some are hoping Keys adds a word or two, while others are placing their bets on her missing or forgetting a word. The least likely of the anthem bets is that Keys will get booed during or after her performance.

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Will Colin Kaepernick throw for more yards than Steve Young did in Super Bowl XXIX?

In Super Bowl XXIX, quarterback Steve Young threw for 325 yards. Head-to-head, Young would win this matchup. But Kaepernick is starting with 89.5 yards thanks to the spread, meaning he needs 236 yards during the game. He is projected to get 232.5 yards.

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Who will chew up the 'Puppy Bowl'?

OK, so it's not exactly the Super Bowl, but Animal Planet's annual halftime "Puppy Bowl" has gotten nearly as popular. This year, people are placing bets on which pup will be the star of the show.

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Who will have more tackles – Super Bowl XLVII Ray Lewis or Super Bowl XXXV Ray Lewis?

In his previous Super Bowl appearance, Ray Lewis had five total tackles. That means this Sunday, Lewis only needs 5.5 tackles to surpass his former Super Bowl performance. The odds favor him doing that.

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Will the Harbaugh parents play favorites?

Jack and Jackie Harbaugh, the parents of John and Jim Harbaugh, have already been thrust into the spotlight, but when their sons battle for football's biggest prize, the cameras will be sure to find them. Gamblers are betting that one or both Harbaugh parents will be caught sporting either Baltimore or San Francisco gear. The odds are against it.

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