'Bare knuckle babe' catches 72-pound catfish by hand

Lucy Millsap, 19, snagged a 72-pound flathead catfish to win the 14th annual Okie Noodling Tournament in Pauls Valley, Okla.

Age and experience aren't everything in competitive hand fishing.

Just ask 19-year-old Lucy Millsap of Quinlan, Texas, who won the 14th annual Okie Noodling Tournament last Saturday in Pauls Valley, Okla., by snagging a 72-pound flathead catfish using only her hand.

Millsap, who bested 200 other participants, said she represents a fearless generation of female "noodlers," a term used to describe hand fishers.

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"Women don't think they can do a lot of stuff," Millsap told The Oklahoman. "And you get a lot of trash talk from the guys."

"I'm proud to justify the name 'bare knuckle babes,'" Millsap said, referring to the name of her female hand-fishing team. 


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