Artist leaving money scattered around Detroit

David Choe has scattered money around the city of Detroit in his latest project.

Artist David Choe says he’s stashed $10,000 around the city for people to find.

If finding a dollar bill on the sidewalk means you’re lucky, today could be your lucky day if you live in Detroit.

In a random act of kindness — or gesture of wit — Los Angeles artist David Choe claims he has stashed $10,000 in secret locations around the Motor City. The graffiti artist and painter revealed the unusual game of hide-and-seek in a post on his Facebook page Sunday night, saying he planted the bills before heading to Canada.

“Hid 10,000$ in mostly 1's and a few hundos all over Detroit today,” the message read. “Just becuz- why not ?”

A Facebook post Monday included a clue: A photo of an overturned couch in an undisclosed location. A hand spray-painted on the sofa pointed to a rip in the upholstery where money was allegedly to be found.

“There was $$$ in that hole in that couch in Detroit earlier today , but who knows now,” Choe wrote above the image.

More than 170 people had commented on Choe’s Facebook posts by Tuesday morning, offering thanks and brainstorming possible hiding spots.

“Had fun wandering around the D for a couple of hours with my wife and kids,” wrote follower Mike Kline. “Checked a bunch of places, may have found empty stashes. Some interesting potential locations marked with hearts... didn't find any cash, but had a good family experience on a rainy day in the D.”

“Hey come to Colorado and hide weed in different places,” suggested another. “That would be hilarious.”

Eager money-hunters can find more clues on Choe’s Twitter page. An image Choe shared Sunday — of two of the iconic McDonald’s golden arches decorated with red Canadian maple leaves — hinted that more cash could be found near one of the fast-food joints.

“Some prints and $$$ hidden under one of these signs right at the border past Detroit,” Choe teased.

A Korean-American known for his frenetic murals, Choe, 37, can afford to toss $10,000 like so much Easter candy. Choe was a gambler who made his first $1M in Las Vegas. Then Choe hit an even bigger jackpot last year, when the Facebook stock he was holding was valued at $200M, according to the Detroit News.

Choe has owned the stock since 2005, when he was commissioned by Facebook founding president Sean Parker to paint murals at the company’s Palo Alto headquarters. Asked whether he wanted the $60,000 payment in cash or stock, he decided to take a gamble and go with the unknown.

“I needed the money, but I like to gamble,” Choe told radio host Howard Stern in an interview last year. “I believe in Sean. This kid knows something, and I’m going to bet my money on him.”

In the past, Choe created the cover art for Jay-Z and Linkin Park’s multi-platinum album “Collision Course,”  and provided artwork to decorate the sets of the films “Juno” and “The Glass House.” He is the subject of the 2008 documentary “Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe.”


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