A greeting card for the end of life?

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Widow petitions Hallmark for 'Final Goodbye' cards

A health care advocate is petitioning Hallmark to create hospice cards.

Hallmark has a card for all of life's trials and triumphs – from birthdays to broken legs. But is there a card for nearing the end of life?

If one advocate has her say, there will be.

Regina Holliday created a petition to encourage Hallmark to create hospice cards. The petition had more than 3,200 signatures as of Tuesday morning.

"We live in a society that is very afraid to talk about death," the petition says. "The cards stop, the visits stop and people often face the end alone. We need to create a culture shift."

Holliday’s husband, Frederick Allen Holiday, died of cancer.

In her blog, where the artist, activist, speaker and author fights for health care causes, Holliday said that Hallmark is listening.

On Feb. 15, Hallmark said in a press release that it was creating greeting cards for people in hospice care.

"A number of people have recently shared with Hallmark a wish to have greeting cards that are appropriate to give to those who are seriously ill – for whom 'get well' unfortunately is not the right message," Hallmark said. "We agree, which is why Hallmark offers nearly 100 cards to help people share words of support for a range of life situations."

Hallmark said these situations include cancer treatment and serious or terminal illness.

But Holliday said more must be done.

She applauded Hallmark for taking a step toward hospice cards, but said the wording still needs work.

"We need Hallmark to take this issue of communication at end of life and hospice head on," she said. "We need to see a 'hospice' header right beside the 'get well' and 'thinking of you.'"


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