Where the candidates will spend Election Day

On the Trail: After voting, Mitt Romney will make final visits to Ohio and Pennsylvania. President Barack Obama will spend the day in Chicago.

BOSTON—Mitt Romney votes near his home here Tuesday before setting off on a last-minute Election Day push to Ohio and Pennsylvania.

He needs to win Ohio for any realistic path to 270 electoral votes and the presidency. If he loses Ohio, he needs a long-shot state like Pennsylvania to win.

Romney's trips into Pittsburgh and Cleveland will be small and quick. They are mainly designed to get local media attention and push his people to the polls.

President Barack Obama is keeping a more traditional Election Day schedule. He voted early, so he’ll stick around his Hyde Park, Chicago home playing basketball and doing satellite interviews. His event tonight is at the McCormick Place at Lakeside Center.

Vice President Joe Biden votes at home in Wilmington, Del., before flying to Chicago.

GOP vice presidential contender Paul Ryan votes at the Hedberg Public Library in Janesville, Wis. He’ll be able to vote for himself for both Congress and vice president. Then he’ll join Romney in Cleveland and make a solo stop in Richmond, Va., before heading to Boston.

Election Days are always quiet and painstaking for operatives not involved in the ground game or the legal fights that inevitably pop up. They’ve worked so hard for so many months, but there is very little they can do except wait.


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