Texas senator urges gunmakers, banks to reject Chicago mayor

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz urged the CEOs of Bank of America and TD Bank to reject a plea by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to curtail financial support to the gun industry.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is urging firearms manufacturers and banks to bring their business to his state in response to a push by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to get the banks to stop supporting gunmakers.

Emanuel sent letters Friday to the CEOs of Bank of America and TD Bank, asking that they withdraw financial support to the gun industry.

On Tuesday, Cruz wrote a letter to CEOs of the banks and two gunmakers, urging them to reject Emanuel's position.

Referring to Emanuel as "The Godfather," Cruz rejected Emanuel's letters to Brian Moynihan of Bank of America and Bharat Masrani of TD Bank, adding, "Please know that Texas would certainly welcome more of your business and the jobs you create."

In his letter, Cruz also thanked James Debney of Smith & Wesson and Michael Fifer of Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc., for their support of the Second Amendment, attacking Emanuel's letter as an attempt to put the gunmakers out of business.

"I am confident that there are numerous financial institutions in Texas that would be eager to earn your business," Cruz wrote.

In closing, Cruz addressed Emanuel directly, calling his efforts an assault on the Second Amendment, and pointed to Chicago's rising crime and murder rates, despite the city's efforts at gun control.

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On Jan. 17, following a plea by Emanuel for stronger gun control measures, the Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund board voted to liquidate its investments in the two gunmakers.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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