Tea Party launches Facebook-like site for conservatives

Tea Party members claim Facebook is censoring them from posting and adding friends — so they have created their own social networking site.

It's Facebook for Tea Party fans. No, seriously — it even looks and feels the same.

Tea Party Community, a social network for conservatives, was launched Feb. 2 to overcome what the site's founders claimed was "liberal censorship" on Facebook.

The site's co-founder Ken Crow told Fox News that Mark Zuckerberg was "instrumental" in helping them found the social network.

"What they are doing there, if we post something conservative — we have great patriots like Jan Morgan ... posting very politically conservative items on the site — they are shutting us up," Crow said. "It's that simple. They are censoring us. We can't post, we can't add friends — it's a mess."

Crow said Zuckerberg was "galvanizing the Tea Party and conservative politics because of this censorship."

The site's home page currently welcomes visitors with the words: "Join the Tea Party Community to connect and share with 'We The People' in your life." Parallel to the text is an image of the party's favorite reptile: a coiled rattlesnake. (The Tea Party's yellow flag features a coiled rattlesnake emblazoned with the words "Don't Tread on Me.")

Despite its qualms about Zuckerberg, the Tea Party Community is allowing members to log in with their Facebook accounts. The site even says: "If you like FB, you're going to love the Tea Party Community."

However, unlike Facebook, Tea Party Community is by invitation only.

Crow described Tea Party Community as the "collection point" for the Tea Party movement and conservative Americans.

The site already had 100,000 members lined up even before it launched Saturday.

"Fifty thousand of those members are not technically members of a Tea Party," Crow said. "They joined us because they believe in the Tea Party platform, the Tea Party values and this is the new collection point where we can organize, put our thoughts together, group."

Members can join under their specific "state hubs," Crow said, which have their own organizational leaders.

The site also hosts "The official Sarah Palin fan club," which currently has 106 "likes." Palin is a member of the Tea Party movement, but has not made a comment about the site so far.

The site has attracted mixed reviews on social media so far.

"To get into Tea Party Community, you must submit a 140-character essay on why you love freedom. If it's spelled correctly, you're rejected," tweeted TeaPartyCat.

"Is there a twitter app so one can tweet in comic sans?" responded Twitter user Geoff Manning.


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