Rick Perry urges Calif. businesses to move to Texas

The Texas governor's office is buying radio airtime in California to convince businesses to move to Texas. Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown called Perry's ad campaign "barely a fart."

Texas Gov. Rick Perry might have given up on his idea to secede from the United States, but that hasn't stopped him from thinking of new ones.

His latest? Persuade Californians to move to Texas.

Perry's office is purchasing radio airtime in California to convince businesses there to leave their state and move to Texas.

The exact pitch?

"Building a business is tough, but I hear building a business in California is next to impossible. This is Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and I have a message for California businesses: come check out Texas. There are plenty of reasons Texas has been named the best state for doing business for eight years running. Visit texaswideopenforbusiness.com, and see why our low taxes, sensible regulations and fair legal system are just the thing to get your business moving to Texas."

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And what is California Gov. Jerry Brown's reaction to Perry's ad? Brown reportedly shot back saying that anybody with half a brain would want to come to California.

The Sacramento Bee reported that Brown called the ad "barely a fart” at a business event Monday. "It's not a serious story, guys," he said. "It's not a burp. It's barely a fart.”

"A $26,000 radio buy is the smallest entry into the media market of California … If they want to get in the game, let them spend $25 million on radio and television. Then I'll take them seriously."

Paid for by Texas One, "a public-private partnership that markets Texas nationally and internationally as a prime business destination," the 30-second spots are running on six radio stations this week in San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego and elsewhere in Southern California.

Kish Rajan, director of Brown's Office of Business and Economic Development said in a statement that "poaching doesn't work. 

"This is something so many governors have done before and with the same ineffective results," Rajan said.


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