Obama thanks troops at inaugural ball

At the first inaugural ball of the night, one honoring the military, President Barack Obama thanked the troops and told them their nation is behind them.

WASHINGTON — A pair of nighttime inaugural balls completed the official inaugural proceedings, with a guest list running into the tens of thousands.

President Barack Obama appeared at the Commander in Chief Ball on Monday night and spoke to several troops in Afghanistan by teleconference. The crowd at the ball cheered the troops overseas. Obama told them the biggest cheer he got during his inaugural speech to the crowd on the National Mall was when he spoke about "the extraordinary men and women in uniform" who are keeping the country strong.

Video: Obama thanks troops at Commander in Chief Ball

"You will be on our minds tonight and every single night until our mission in Afghanistan is completed," Obama told them. He also promised the troops they would get the equipment and support they need.

He then introduced his "date," Michelle Obama, who danced with her husband in a ruby chiffon and velvet gown while Jennifer Hudson sang "Let's Stay Together."


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