NY Rep. Peter King didn't recognize Jay-Z at inauguration

Photo-snapping congressman called multiplatinum rapper 'the guy beside Beyoncé.'

New York Rep. Peter King's empire state of mind doesn't include one of his state's most famous entertainers.

A photographer from the New York Post caught a shot of King snapping a photo of Jay-Z and Beyoncé at President Obama's inauguration Monday. Beyoncé sang — well, reportedly lip-synced to her own vocals — the national anthem at the ceremony, and the Post put the photo of King and the famous couple on its cover Tuesday.

King tweeted the cover Tuesday, writing, "Anybody who looked important I took a picture of at inauguration. I didn't know who the guy beside Beyoncé was."

"The guy" is a 14-time Grammy Award winner and co-owner of the Brooklyn Nets NBA team, who has sold about 50 million albums worldwide.

King told New York Magazine that he had at least heard of Jay-Z. "I knew the name, but I didn't realize that was him," he explained. "I just know Beyoncé from seeing her picture in the papers."

The 68-year-old congressman admits he isn't much of a hip-hop fan. "I don't know rap," he said. "I stopped listening to music after Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers." Lymon left the Teenagers in 1957, though the doo-wop group still exists today.


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