Lew's loopy signature may end up on dollar bills

"Jack says he is going to work on making at least one letter legible in order not to debase our currency," President Barack Obama said of Jack Lew's signature after nominating him for treasury secretary Tuesday.

WASHINGTON — Jack Lew's nomination for Treasury secretary means a new signature could soon be coming to the dollar bill.

Not that you'll be able to read it.

Lew's signature starts off promising enough with a soft "J." But what follows are seven loopy scribbles rendering his signature illegible.

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The Treasury secretary's signature is emblazoned in the lower right corner of U.S. dollar bills of all denominations.

No word from the White House on whether President Barack Obama asked Lew to clean up his signature before nominating him for the Treasury post — or if the Senate will make that a condition of his confirmation.


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