Former Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo promises to smoke marijuana with filmmaker

Amendment 64 passed in Colorado this past November, meaning former Rep. Tom Tancredo has to hold up his end of the bargain and partake in a toking tete-a-tete with documentary filmmaker and comedian Adam Hartle.

Marijuana advocates have found an ally in a very "high" place.

According to The Huffington Post, former Colorado congressman and 2008 GOP presidential candidate Tom Tancredo promised pro-cannabis documentary filmmaker and comedian Adam Hartle that he'd smoke marijuana with him if the drug were to be legalized in Colorado.

"True or false, when Amendment 64 passes and marijuana is legal, the next time I'm out in Colorado, we're going to smoke a joint together," Hartle asked Tancredo at the 9:21 mark of the trailer for his documentary "Grassroots — The Come of Cannabis."

"It's a deal," Tancredo exclaimed.

It now looks like Tancredo has some smoking to do, as Colorado passed Amendment 64 on November 6 of last year, allowing for the personal use of marijuana.

Tancredo has for years been an outspoken advocate of marijuana legalization. He says that belief stems from his tireless efforts to reduce wasteful government spending and ineffective programs, and is not at odds with his conservatism.  Many fellow Republicans oppose marijuana legalization.

"There is no government program or policy I can think of that has failed in such a unique way as marijuana prohibition," Tancredo wrote in a column for the Colorado Spring Gazette that sought both for and against stances on cannabis prohibition.

By outlawing marijuana, Tancredo argued, the U.S. is spending tens of billions of dollars and redirecting the profits to the criminal underground instead of government coffers.

"Congressman Tancredo's endorsement proves that Amendment 64 isn't a Republican or Democratic issue — it's an issue of common sense, and doing what's best for the State of Colorado," Mason Tvert, co-director of the group behind Amendment 64 — the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol — told The Huffington Post.

Hartle needs some help, however, if he wants to get former Rep. Tancredo "rocky mountain high," like the banner says at the end of his film.

The filmmaker and his crew have listed their project on the arts crowd funding website Indiegogo. They're seeking $40,000 over the next 60 days to pay for music licensing, sound mixing, lawyer fees and follow-up interviews. So far, they've raised almost $400 in two days. Hartle has already spoken with a slew of lawyers, doctors, politicians and a former police officer in footage released for his 10-minute trailer.

"We hope those who like it will consider jumping on board this project with us," Hartle said in a press release. "We can then finish strong, as we fight to push similar amendments through the forty-eight remaining States."


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