Former Colo. Rep. Tom Tancredo backs out of pot-smoking promise

Disappointed Republicans are nothing compared to disappointed grandkids for the one-time GOP presidential candidate.

This is why people don't trust politicians: Former Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo said he won't honor his promise to smoke marijuana with a pro-pot filmmaker.

Tancredo, a Republican presidential hopeful in 2008, is giving to political pressure — and spousal pressure.

“My wife is absolutely…. She’s pissed,” he told ABC News. “Oh man, she is not happy.”

The former congressman made the pledge to comedian and documentarian Adam Hartle, telling him they'd smoke a joint together if Colorado's Amendment 64, which legalized marijuana for recreational use, passed. Hartle caught the promise on camera.

Tancredo thought he was making a safe bet. “I thought it would take at least one more time around to do it,” he told ABC. But Colorado voters passed the measure by a margin of 55.3 percent to 44.6 percent on Election Day.

While Tancredo holds conservative positions on hot-button issues like abortion and immigration, he was in favor of Amendment 64 even though he doesn't recommend that anyone use marijuana. "An adult, in this society, is not something the government should have any control over,” he said.

But his conservative friends believed that by agreeing to toke up with Hartle he was "encouraging people to smoke it,” he explained.

The final straw was Tancredo's disappointed grandchildren, who were “very upset with grandpa,” he told ABC.

“Will have to welch," he wrote in an email. "Political heat is one thing. Am use [sic] to that. Heat from my family is quite another.”


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