Alaska, Miss. officials battle federal firearm restrictions

Alaska and Mississippi state representatives have introduced bills in response to Obama's executive orders related to gun control.

Alaska House Speaker Mike Chenault has joined other public officials across the country who vow to resist any new federal gun-control laws.  

Chenault introduced House Bill 69 Wednesday, which would make it a misdemeanor to enforce future federal laws restricting firearm accessories or semi-automatic weapons, as well as those requiring firearm registration. It was the same day that President Obama signed 23 executive orders pertaining to gun control and gun violence.

If passed, Bill 69 would apply only to federal laws introduced after its passage.  

According to the Anchorage Daily News, Chenault sent an email to reporters saying the measure was prepared before Obama's announcement.

Mary Fan, an associate professor of law at the University of Washington Law School, said the bill “blatantly conflicts with federal law” and, if challenged, would most likely be considered invalid.

Phone calls to Chenault seeking comment were not returned.

In Mississippi, Gov. Phil Bryant and House Speaker Philip Gunn said they would block any federal measures limiting the right to bear and possess arms from being enforced in the state. Additionally, a Mississippi state representative said he is drafting a bill saying firearms manufactured in the state would fall under state law and wouldn’t be subjected to federal regulations, according to the Jackson Clarion-Ledger.

In Oklahoma, State Senator Nathan Dahm introduced Bill 548, which would nullify federal laws on personal firearms, firearm accessories, and ammunition, with a punishment of up to five years or a fine of $5,000.

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