Weird news of the week: April 4, 2014

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Two-legged dog becomes viral hit

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Two-legged boxer dog Duncan Lou Who became an internet star this week after a video of his first trip to the beach did the rounds. The dog had his deformed back legs amputated as a puppy.

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Swim in beer at Austrian castle

Guests at Starkenberg castle in Tarrenz, Austria, can enjoy a relaxing dip in baths of warm beer, which is reputed to have health-giving properties. While you can enjoy ten speciality beers from the on-site brewery's bar, you aren't allowed to drink from the pool.

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The world's first dog-friendly theme park

There were lots of April Fools’ jokes making the rounds come April 1, but one of our favorites has to be Thorpe Bark, the new dog-friendly theme park at Thorpe Park in Chertsey, England. The park promised to make all its rollercoasters and thrilling rides available to our four-legged friends but, alas, it turned out to be a hoax.

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Neil Armstrong on a fake lunar surface

And speaking of hoaxes, this newly-unearthed picture of Neil Armstrong practicing on a fake lunar surface will give conspiracy theorists something to chew over. Images discovered by tech website Gizmodo show real training simulations carried out in Houston, Texas, in April 1969, three months before the US crew set foot on the moon.

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New pet café opens in Hanoi

If cat cafés are a little too tame for you, you may want to check out the new pet café in Hanoi, Vietnam. It houses wild animals such as snakes, hedgehogs, tarantulas and iguanas (pictured), and it allows customers to interact with them.

AP Photo/Allegheny Health Network
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Man survives chainsaw in neck

James Valentine, a tree trimmer from Pittsburgh, was struck in the neck by his chainsaw blade Monday, as this shocking X-ray released by Allegheny General Hospital shows. Valentine had emergency surgery and is now recovering.

REX/Action Press
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Giant rats 'infest' German town

Media reports this week claimed that the German town of Halle was infested by coypus, or river rats, which emerged from the River Salle. Meanwhile, in Birmingham, England, pest control officer Colin Watts reported seeing rats the size of cats. The city has had a recorded 5,100 rat alerts in the past year.

AP Photo/Keystone, Sandro Campardo
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Man gives porcupine C-section, saves baby

Jared Buzzell of Lisbon, Maine, saved the life of a baby porcupine last week (not pictured) when he performed a roadside caesarean section on its dead mother. He massaged the infant back to life and is currently caring for it at his home. His motives weren't quite as altruistic as that might sound; he saw the mother get hit by a car and sliced open the dead animal in the hope of extracting valuable mineral deposits he heard could be found in their stomachs.

REX/Carol McCabe
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Glasgow's Commonwealth Games

The organizers of the Commonweath Games in Glasgow announced on April 3 that the July 23 opening ceremony will include the live destruction of the city's Red Road tower blocks. Parts of the eyesore estate have already been demolished, as seen in this picture above from June 2012.

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