Hot dogs: the best dressed canines at Crufts

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Crufts 2014

Because dogs do fashion too, you know. See gallery

It's not just us humans that 'do fashion', y'know — man's best friend also likes to look his or her best.

This weekend saw the Crufts 2014 dog show take place at the in Birmingham, England, and the competition was as fierce outside of the arena as it was in, with four-legged fashionistas (or, more accurately, their owners) trying to outdo one another in doggie style.

And we're not just talking matching collars and leads — oh, no. Think snazzy rain jackets, leopard-print booties, suit and tie combos and even onesies. SERIOUSLY.

The red-footed mutt pictured above is just the beginning. Click through the images to see more of the best dressed dogs at Crufts 2014.

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A chic onesie

It's generally thought of as a crime against fashion to leave the house in a onesie, but somehow this snow-white samoieda makes its red number look unbelieveably elegant. Top marks.

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Snazzy rainwear

We can't help but think that this dog's owner should take a leaf out of her hip mutt's style book — its snazzy, fitted cover-up is *so* much cooler than her plain old transparent poncho.

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You know that old saying about people starting to resemble their dogs? Yeah, THAT.

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A walk on the wild side

The shaggy Old English Sheepdog on the right takes a walk on the wild side in leopard-print booties. Check out her ponytail, too!

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Slogan bibs

Forget slogan sweatshirts — in the dog world, it's all about slogan bibs this season.

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Judge Dreads

With dreads like these, we're surprised this gentle giant's cover-up isn't black, red and green and emblazoned with the face of Bob Marley.

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The cool kids

The cool kids have arrived! This is the canine equivalent of Henry Holland, designer of wild and wacky clothes, and Nicola Roberts, his color-loving fashion friend, rocking up at a party.

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Suited and booted

With his collar and tie, this big-tongued furball gets an A for effort.

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Awesome outerwear

These little scamps donned their finest outerwear for the opening day of the competition.

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