Thousands attend memorial of slain officer Kevin Tonn

Galt, Calif. Police Officer Kevin Tonn, 35, was shot and killed Jan. 15 by a man who fit the description of a burglar. Tonn was going to question him.

Thousands of California law enforcement officers and local citizens attended the memorial service of a policeman killed in the line of duty last week, according to CBS Sacramento.  

Galt Police Officer Kevin Tonn, 35, was shot and killed Jan. 15 while attempting to question a possible suspect who fit the description of a burglar. Tonn’s killer, 30-year-old Humphrey Kenneth Gascon Jr., then committed suicide.

Speaking at public service in Adventure Christian Church, Galt Mayor Marylou Powers said Tonn “was loved by the entire community,” the source said.

Dozens of officers and their K9 partners also attended the service. Tonn was a Galt K9 officer with partner Yaro, who was inside the church for the service, according to the report.

After the memorial, a procession traveled from the church to East Lawn Memorial Park, where Tonn was laid to rest, according to the source.

The memorial service attracted such a large number of officers that the city of Roseville expected traffic delays, according to the Roseville Press Tribune.

A Roseville native, Tonn served with the Galt department for three and a half years, according to CBS. Before that, the source said, he also served as a military police officer and a firefighter in New York state before returning to the area and attending the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Academy.


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