Soul singer Cecil Womack dies

Cecil Womack, brothers with musician Bobby Womack, co-wrote songs for Patti LaBelle, Eric Clapton and the O'Jays, among others.

A songwriter, producer, arranger and session singer who comprised half of the R&B duo Womack & Womack has died.

Cecil Womack was 65 when he died Feb. 1, The Guardian reported.

Womack grew up in Ohio as part of a family band that was eventually discovered and relocated to Los Angeles. Womack and his siblings – Friendly Jr., Curtis, Bobby and Harry – started as a gospel group, later transitioning to R&B.

The group produced three hits: "Looking for a Love," "I'll Make It Alright" and "It's All Over Now."

In the late '60s, Womack married former Motown singer Mary Wells of "My Guy" fame and started writing music. The couple co-wrote and co-produced several songs, including "The Doctor" in 1968.

But the marriage didn't last, and Womack later married a childhood friend – Linda Cooke, the stepdaughter of Womack's brother Bobby.

Womack and Cooke's careers took off after they teamed up to write and perform music. At one point, their song-writing talent was so in demand that they got requests from Patti LaBelle, Eric Clapton, the O'Jays and even Bobby Womack.

Some of their biggest hits included "Teardrops," "Star Bright" and "Conscience," all made in the 1980s.

The couple eventually moved to South Africa, where Cecil changed his name to Zekuumba Zekkariyas and Linda changed her name to Zeriiya. The couple had seven children, whom they toured and recorded with.


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