Nun who hid from Nazis, Sister Anne Green, dies

Sister Anne Green spent six years in hiding during World War II. She was 100-years-old.

A Scottish nun who spent six years hiding from the Nazis during World War II has died at age 100.

According to The Courier, Sister Anne Green, who grew up in Dundee, Scotland, joined the Little Sisters of the Poor in 1937 and made her first vows two years later. Green made her vows in La Tour, Brittany, a region in the northwest of France.

The Courier said Green was moved to a house near the Belgian border after World War II began. When Germans came to the town, the mayor asked the Reverend Mother to send away foreigners such as Green.

But Green and many other sisters did not leave, instead beginning six fear-filled years of hiding from the Nazis, the Courier reported. During that time, Green and the other nuns were constantly afraid of being discovered and killed.

Eventually, American tanks rolled into the town and Green and the other sisters were safe.

Green stayed in France until 1949, the Courier reported, caring for the sick and elderly in homes run by her order.

According to the newspaper, she returned to Dundee in 1993, where she made toys that were sold to raise money for the nuns' home there.

Mother Aimee, Mother Superior at Wellburn, said to the Courier, "She was exemplary. Her continual smile and serenity were testimonies to her happiness in religious life. She will be greatly missed by all of us in the community."


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