Latino social media pioneer Louis Pagan dies

Louis Pagan was an advocate for Latino voices in all realms of social media, from blogs to Twitter.

A pioneer for social media in the Latino community died Saturday morning, Fox reported. The cause of death is unknown.

Louis Pagan co-founded LATISM, Latinos in Social Media, and was a founding partner for Hispanicize digital.

Tuesday, both those communities reached out with in memoriam letters for Pagan.

"His life was taken away from us too soon and it is hard to understand why; it is a question without answer," LATISM wrote. "Louis was a true pioneer, in fact, his bog was one of the first and best ones in the Latino online space."

Pagan was the fifth member of LATISM, but quickly took a leadership position on its Board of Directors. The website helps Latinos monetize blogs and social media influence.

Hispanicize, which credits Pagan as its "visionary," bills itself as the leading social media resource for Hispanic marketers and influencers.

"This week our Hispanicize team is shocked, saddened, disillusioned, and more at the news that our former partner and pioneer Louis Pagan has passed," the team wrote. "He had so many ideas it was hard to keep up with him! He knew that Latinos had a voice and the future of that voice would be heard and roared online."

Louis also had a popular Twitter page where he called himself a "convenient vegeterian (sic) super husband/dad" and "recovering social media superhero."

He is survived by his wife and two young daughters.


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