Jesus 'Jess' Franco, Spanish film director, dies

Cult director Jess Franco directed more than 180 films in a career that spanned decades.

Spanish director Jesus 'Jess' Franco passed away Tuesday in Malaga, Spain. He was 82.

Franco began his career in the 1950s and had his first big break with 1962 horror "The Awful Dr Orloff." He had to make two different versions of the film in a bid to please Spanish censors.

He later ollaborated with Christopher Lee several times on movies such as 1969's "Count Dracula," "The Bloody Judge" and "The Blood of Fu Manchu."

Three of the controversial director's films - "Women Behind Bars," "Devil Hunter" and "Bloody Moon" – made the United Kingdom’s list of banned "video nasties" in the 1980s. He directed more than 180 films in his career, many of which are regarded as cult classics.

Franco's muse Lina Romay featured in several of his projects, and later married in 2008 after a lenghty relationship. She died in early 2012.


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