Nurse who inspired King novel 'Misery' could be freed

Convicted child killer Genene Jones being transported in a prison van following her trial in San Antonio, Texas, in January 1984, where she was sentenced.

Genene Jones was sentenced to 99 years for the murder of a 15-month-old girl. The young child's mother is trying to stop the convicted nurse's early release.

The Texas mother of a baby girl killed by a nurse dubbed "the angel of death" is appealing for the families of other child victims to come forward in a bid to prevent the convicted murderer from being set free early.

"I just don’t want her to get out. Because it’s wrong," Petti McClellan told ABC News.

"I can’t imagine my home state allowing a serial killer to walk out of prison. So I’m angry."

McClellan lost her 15-month-old daughter Chelsea after a visit to the doctor’s office in 1982.

Genene Jones, the nurse who attended to Chelsea during the pediatric checkup, claimed she needed to update the little girl’s shots. Instead, Jones administered three fatal doses of a powerful sedative, causing the child to go limp and stop breathing.

In 1984, Jones, who has been linked to 47 baby deaths, was sentenced to serve 99 years behind bars for the first-degree murder of Chelsea. But a Texas law, in effect at the time of conviction, allows her to be released early for good behavior — as soon as February 2018.

The release would effectively mean that Jones serves only one-third of her original sentence.

Jones’ case was the inspiration for horror fiction writer Stephen King’s mentally disturbed villain, Annie Wilkes, in his 1987 novel "Misery".

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McClellan’s only hope of keeping the 63-year-old former nurse at a correctional center in Dickinson, Texas, is to prove that Jones should be charged in the death of another child.

In an effort to gather more evidence, a Facebook group titled "Victims of Genene Anne Jones” has been created and is administered by Joann Garza, a woman whose twin brother died after being treated by Jones in the 1980s. Garza’s family believes Jones was behind the death.

The group currently has 329 members.

McCellan continues to try to get the word out to the public in hopes of finding justice for Chelsea, who would have been 30 years old today.

"We’ve gotta find another case," she told HLN TV. "There’s gotta be another case somewhere to retry her because if that doesn’t happen, she will get out of prison."


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