'Infomercial King' Kevin Trudeau out of jail after a day

TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau is accused of conning consumers into buying his weight-loss books and was ordered off the air.

Trudeau violated court orders to pay a $37 million fine for alleged false marketing claims. The judge told him, "You can't talk your way out of this."

CHICAGO — A judge in Chicago has released Kevin Trudeau from jail after the infomercial pitchman spent the night behind bars for violating court orders to pay a more than $37 million fine.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that as Judge Robert Gettleman freed the 50-year-old, he warned Trudeau he's on a "tight leash" and could be jailed again next week.

Trudeau insists he's penniless and can't pay the fine that stems from allegedly false claims made in his weight-loss book.

A court-appointed receiver told the judge that Trudeau insists he can't remember basic aspects about his assets, including which banks some of his accounts are in.

To counter Trudeau's claim he's destitute, Federal Trade Commission lawyers Wednesday presented evidence he's spent $920 on cigars and $359 on two haircuts.

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