5 to Know: Actress Karen Black dead at 74 & more

Five to Know: Actress Karen Black dies & more

Man allegedly kills wife, posts pic on Facebook ... American kids and race ... Florida teen tased by cops, killed ... Bipartisan baseball ... Karen Black dies

1. Man apparently confesses to killing wife by posting pic on Facebook

What's the story: Friends and family of a South Florida man named Derek Medina were horrified by a Thursday morning Facebook update claiming he had just shot his wife, Jennifer Alfonso. Medina wrote, "Im going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys takecare Facebook people you will see me in the news." He followed that up with a photo allegedly showing her blood-soaked body.

Why you should know: There have been many instances of criminals being caught after updating their status with photos of drugs or stolen merchandise, but this seems to be the first case of a murder confession on Facebook. Medina turned himself in to the police, and while it's not known if he has a lawyer yet, his online confession looks fairly damning.

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2. Poll says most Americans are only friends within the same race

What's the story: An ongoing Reuters/Ipsos poll has found that about 40 percent of white Americans and about 25 percent of non-white Americans are friends exclusively with members of their own race. The numbers vary by location, with states along the Pacific having the highest numbers of multicultural friends groups and Southern states more likely to stick to their own race.

Why you should know: Turns out that old trope, "Some of my best friends are [fill in the blank]" turns out to be not so true. But there is hope, and it lays with younger people. Thirty percent of people under 30 have a partner or spouse of a different race, while the numbers are only 10 percent in couples over the three-decade mark. As President Obama remarked about young peoples' attitudes toward race, "It doesn't mean we're in a post-racial society. It doesn't mean that racism is eliminated. But ... they're better than we are, they're better than we were, on these issues."

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3. Florida teen tased by police; killed

What's the story: When cops spotted 18-year-old Miami-area graffiti artist Israel Hernandez tagging an abandoned McDonald's Tuesday, Hernandez took off with at least half a dozen Miami Beach police officers in pursuit. When officers caught up with the young man, whose graffiti tag was "Reefa," they tasered him in the chest. The recent high school graduate went into distress and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Why you should know: While being zapped with 50,000 volts of electricity is extremely painful, the injuries caused are not usually thought to be fatal. However, Amnesty International says that at least 500 people were killed by Tasers between 2001 and 2012.  Tasers are not considered firearms and critics say officer training is lacking. A statement from the Florida ACLU read in part, "The medical safety of allegedly-'less-than-lethal' Tasers is still being questioned, and without clear training and limitations, officers may use Tasers not because it is appropriate in a specific situation, but because it is the weapon available to them." The medical examiner's office has not ruled on the cause of death yet and the investigation is ongoing.

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4. Actress Karen Black dead at 74

What's the story: Actress Karen Black, best known for her Oscar-nominated role in "Five Easy Pieces," died Thursday from complications caused by ampullary cancer. While Black never had the mainstream name recognition of a Jane Fonda or Sissy Spacek, her many roles as a scream queen in movies like "Trilogy of Terror" inspired a devoted cult following. 

Why you should know: Sadly, the end of Karen Black's life was not just a struggle for her life — but one that will be familiar to many Americans: a battle to pay her medical bills. This past March, she and husband Stephen Eckleberry took to the Internet to crowd-source funds for an experimental treatment, but unfortunately, when the time came to go to a European clinic, Black was too sick to travel.

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5. Baseball: the bipartisan sport

What's the story: They may disagree on a woman's right to choose, gun laws, tax code, and just about everything else under the sun, but one thing Republicans and Democrats can agree on is their love for the Washington Nationals baseball team.

Why you should know: The Nationals may have bleachers full of political luminaries, but the players might want to put their blinders on and concentrate less on whose watching and more on pitching, hitting and catching. The team currently has a winning record below .500 and might not make the playoffs, despite being picked as a favorite to advance to the World Series.

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